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Inspection for inserting heat shrinkable tube machine

Inspection for inserting heat shrinkable tube machine

Mar 13,2024
inspect inserting heat shrink tube machine
1. Automated PLC touch screen control circuit, simple and convenient operation, good working stability
2. The entire roll of heat shrinkable casing is automatically fed, cut, and heat shrunk, eliminating the tedious process of manual unwinding;
3. The efficiency is about 1,500 heat shrinkable tubes per hour (capacity depends on the product), saving time and effort.
Improve work efficiency.
4. Customized according to casing and product.

It takes 1 and a half hours to pick up customers at the airport, 2 hours waiting for customers at the airport, and 1 hour to receive them back to the workshop. When the customer sees the machine, it only takes 5 minutes to show that the machine is customized for wearing heat shrink tubes. Very much in line with the requirements, very good. Will cooperate with us next time

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