Terminal Crimping and Wire Harness solution & manufacture

15+ Years Manufacturer Specialized In Wire Harness Processing Equipment With One-stop Service Customized Solution.
Semi-auto Inserting Waterproof Bolt Machine
DM07 Double head insert heat shrink tube machine
TR-DM05 Double heads bulk cold pressed insert number tube terminal crimping machine
Quality stability

Strictly follow the national standards for product manufacturing toensure the stability of each batch

Adequate stock

Regularly tender for raw materials to ensure sufficient inventory andshorten delivery times.

Professional technology

Professional expertise and advanced equipment ensure high-speed and stable production.

Special customization

Customization can be based on the customer's specific indicators and applications to meet their unique requirements.

Perfect after-sales service

Providing timely response to customer inquiries and offering professional technical support.

Professional Manufacturer Of Terminal Crimping Machine

The company specializes in production: automatic terminal crimping machine, automatic terminal crimping and tinning machine, ultra-quiet energy-saving terminal machine, silent copper tape machine, computer cutting wire stripping machine, coaxial wire stripping machine, automatic nylon cable tie machine, Automatic winding and binding machine, heat shrinkable tube computerized tube cutting machine, terminal machine mold, knife mold and new energy automatic wiring harness processing equipment, etc. It mainly serves wire harness processing enterprises such as automobiles and motorcycles, electronics, home appliances, and electrical appliances.

Factory Information

We are a manufacturer that produces a series of terminal crimping machine
wire stripping machine


Years of Experiences

wire harness equipment


GMP standard production workshop

terminal crimping machine


Annual production capacity

wire cutting machine



Fully Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine Workshop

Fully Automatic  Terminal Crimping Machine Workshop

The production workshop covers an area of 3,000 square meters, with an annual output of 500 sets fully automatic Terminal Crimping Machine one Month .

Semi-auto Terminal Crimping Machine Workshop

Semi-auto Terminal Crimping Machine 

The production workshop covers an area of 1,000 square meters, with an annual output of 1,000 sets Semi-auto Terminal Crimping Machine one Month .

Heat shrink tubing machine workshop

Heat shrink tubing machine workshop

The production workshop covers an area of 500 square meters, with an annual output of 1,000 sets heat shrink tubing machines.

CNC Workshop

CNC Workshop

CNC workshop provides a competitive edge by optimizing production processes, ensuring high-quality output, and maximizing operational efficiency.

Wire cutting workshop

Wire cutting workshop

 Precise and intricate cutting capabilities for various types of materials, including metals and alloys, enabling the production of complex and customized parts with high accuracy. The workshop's automation and computer-controlled processes enhance efficiency and speed up production, reducing lead times and operational costs. 

Accessories processing workshop

Accessories processing workshop

With advanced machinery and equipment, the workshop can ensure high precision and quality in the production of accessories, leading to improved product performance and durability.

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