Terminal Crimping and Wire Harness solution&manufacture

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Terminal Crimping Machine

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Cable tie machine

Product features: 1. Automatic PLC touch screen control circuit, simple and convenient operation, good working stability 2. Bulk nylon cable ties realize automatic feeding 3. Automatic threading and cutting of cable ties, saving time and effort, and improving work efficiency several times. 4. Tie tightness touch screen digital adjustment 5. Digital adjustment of the touch screen with the tail of the cable tie Safety precautions 1. External power supply: stable 220V, 50-60HZ single-phase power supply; 2. External air source: requires a stable 0.60Mpa±0.5; 3. This machine is equipped with a protective shell for safety. Non-professionals should not open it at will. During the operation of the machine, operators are strictly prohibited from placing their hands on the hooks that are not equipped with a protective shell, so as not to hurt their hands; 4. Since this equipment is controlled by a touch screen, please turn off the power when the technician adjusts the machine, so as to avoid others touching and starting the machine by mistake; 5. If the machine breaks down, and your maintenance personnel cannot eliminate it, please notify the company in time for maintenance.

Dental Floss Machine

Fully functional, including automatic threads pay-off, embedding, and pulling, taking products, cuttingrunner, threads hot iron, counting, stacking, 2 stations receiving switch. Large mold cavities, full automatic for 24H production, high production efficiency, suitable for a big orderof single product, long- time of production required Six-axis servo drive, featuring high speed and stability. High sensitive touch screen design, debugging is simple and easy to operate.

Wire threading braided mesh machine and plastic tube machine

Caster Assembly Machine

1. The main body of the semi-automatic caster assembly machine adopts Xinjie XD high-end series PLC as the core control, and Weiluntong touch screen realizes the human-computer interaction function. The use of Leisai servo motor and DC asynchronous motor ensures the continuous supply of power. The machine is high-speed and efficient, and the output is stable, and the production can reach 18 per minute! 2. The feeding system of the semi-automatic caster assembly machine equipment adopts the method of vibrating plate and direct vibration and motor, uninterrupted and continuous feeding of casters, while stabilizing the feeding, foreign objects can be removed at the same time. The system is regulated smoothly and cooperates with In place, without sloppy at all! 3. The electric control system of the semi-automatic caster assembly machine equipment includes electrical control cabinets, operation panels, programmable controllers, touch screens, etc. The main internal control components are all famous brand products (Xinjie, Schneider, Chint, Omron, Leisai, Weiluntong, etc.), advanced technology, stable and reliable quality.
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